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The word ‘prepared’ typically means ready, organised or equipped to deal with a forthcoming event.

A quick check of synonyms for preparedness brings up words like able, planned, qualified, fit, set and - ‘of a mind’.

So, are you?

Are you the best prepared for the future that you can be? Are you thinking about the right things? If you are a responsible business leader these days preparedness is a pretty good strategy. We believe that being properly prepared requires an entire mindset.

When predicting the future and making plans for it - the thing to remember is that 'anything can happen'. And that makes 'being prepared for anything to happen' a good plan.

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In the broadest sense being prepared for anything doesn't mean armour plating everything in sight.

It doesn't mean investing in every option, just in case. It means having the mental capacity to invest in what you believe will be required in the market. It means having people around that understand and know how to adjust accordingly.

It means having the right mindset.

It means being thoughtful and considered.

It requires being open to all the possibilities the world is bringing forward and having an adaptive mindset - one that allows almost constant course correction and pivots. We are interested in how you are thinking about that.

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