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an introduction to Taking the Scan

A Quick Overview

  • The scan is designed to assess your organisation, not you as an individual within the organisation.

  • Try to step outside your personal perspective, view and role and think more collectively.

  • The majority of questions have multi-choice options for you to select.

  • Nothing about the questions we’ve posed is intended to be binary - we believe that there are rich insights lurking in the set of options that are chosen.

  • Please read each question carefully and choose deliberately.

  • It's entirely possible that the most significant options are at the end of the list so try and resist just picking the first ones that feel 'close enough'.

  • There are no trick questions or right or wrong answers.

  • Each perspective has its own significance but it is the interactions across perspective and Indicators that gives us a coherent and balanced translation.

  • The scan needs to be taken in one go. You can take a break as long as you keep your browser open. We also suggest using modern browsers and not change browser expecting to pick up where you left off - if you log off completely it’s likely your data may be lost. We will be working behind the scenes to develop upgrades to this over time.




You will get an online report which will be made available shortly after you have submitted your scan.

  1. CLIENT ASSESSMENT - If you are a client of Group Partners and have taken this scan as part of a programme your report will contain a personalized synthesis of our observations.

  2. PUBLIC ASSESSMENT - If you are taking this scan independently your report will contain everything a Group Partners client receives apart from the personal assessment.

The first page of the report will contain a high level summary. The detail for each perspective will follow and at the end you will find an interactive chart that displays your ratings by ‘Indicator’ and ‘Perspective’.

During our initial launch phase your report is only available online

By CONTINUING we assume you have read and agreed to the PRIVACY & terms of our security policies outlined below

This assessment is based on a proprietary model developed by Group Partners. The design, method and supporting algorithms remain the Intellectual Property of Group Partners. In accepting our terms you are confirming that the information being provided relates to your organisation, is an accurate reflection of your status today and the contact details that you provide are your details and no one else’s.

Submitting this report will result in a high level assessment in a simple report form. This does not constitute a guarantee that there be an additional personal assessment included by our Practitioner.