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Prepared For A Whole New World

Well, are you?

Since forever business leaders have been pre-occupied by the drive for long term certainty. Businesses have focussed on - 'the rigorous roadmap' - and the security of the ‘business plan’ stretching far into the distance.

Think about it - whether you recently started in business or have emerged unscathed through some kind of transformation in your business - a lot more changed.

Every business book you've read or management theory you've subscribed to over the years is almost redundant in the realtime world.What’s required now is the right mindset and capacity to deal in the now. Whatever is thrown at you.

We've lived in a world where 'strategy' has to be based on long term reassurance of market trends - in a world of increasing unpredictability.


Developing an attitude

Miles ahead in importance to plans and strategies (although vital) lays the right attitude, mentality and capacity for embracing disruption and ambiguity.

The winners of thIS new era will be those with the mental gymnastics and capability to have realtime ideas that enable the pivot - to grab that advantage. To spot new developments, shift direction and carry the organisation along with them.

An attitude/mentality for preparedness is the most important tool in the toolbox in our tumultuous world.